Electronic Cigarette Walmart bound a good thing?

Electronic Cigarette Walmart


So the Walmart Electronic Cigarette and at almost every convenience store on the side of the road. Now I have heard some say you can go get the electronic cigarette at Walmart.This new device is picking up steam all over the place.Once only to be found online you can get the e cigarette just about anywhere.Is the electronic cigarette getting a bad name because of this? I think so .Im not saying its all bad,but lets take a look at this a little more into detail.If I want a quality bicycle Im not going to purchase a huffy for 59$ and say all bicycles are junk rite? Why are people doing the same thing for electronic cigarettes? I purchased my trek mountain bike from a bike store and have had nothing but a great experience with it.My first bike was a huffy and it broke every 5 seconds of the day.As fare as the electronic cigarette is concerned I think the same approach should be taken in your purchase. Buy from a reputable online dealer that specializes in electronic cigarettes.Most companies online are small USA based electronic cigarette dealers and love the product, in turn giving you what they believe is the best e cig on the market.You get what you pay for in my belief.

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