Marlboro light Electronic Cigarette


Everyone is asking why is Marlboro not making the “Marlboro electronic” or the Marlboro Light Electronic Cigarette yet ? Maybe a Marlboro lite electronic cigarette? With the electronic cigarette being around since the mid 2000s it’s a wonder bigger companies like marlboro are not in the e cigarette game yet . As a previous smoker my favorite brand was Marlboro lite . I smoked around 2 packs a day for over 20 years . At 5 to 6 dollars a pack I can tell you I wish I was smoking the electronic cigarette for 20 years instead of the real cigarettes . I’m sure I would have a corvette parked in my garage right now . Or at least own a house with a garage . Anyone one who has input on what these companies are doing in the electronic cigarette world please leave a comment or a link . Until then we will try to provide you with all the best information on some of the best electronic cigarette companies we find to date . Happy vaping!

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